An Air New Zealand Travelcard gives you more control, convenience and flexibility over your finances.


In addition to saving on card payment fees (see calculator below), there is no annual card fee to pay and Travelcard offers you up to 50 days interest free credit. It's the easy way to pay for your business travel.

Control: Accurate, up to date transaction invoices provide an easy way to view all of your air travel spend, helping you to identify where savings and efficiencies could be made. This data allows you to better track your business spend with the ability to sort transactions by department or cost centre.

Flexibility: Book your domestic and international travel directly through Air New Zealand, through your usual travel provider or on other airlines websites. Review the full list of airlines.

Convenience: Cut down on the time-consuming paperwork and reconciliation that's normally involved in business travel by having all your travel spend on one report.


You may be eligible to join Air New Zealand's Airpoints for Business programme or Above & Beyond business rewards programme. The Airpoints for Business programme allows business travellers to earn their business an additional 20% Airpoints Dollars on top of the travellers' individual earn. The Above and Beyond programme allows business travellers who book travel using Travelcard to earn Business Travel Points on all Air New Zealand flights. It doesn't matter if they are booked online or with your usual travel management provider. Joining either of these programmes is free of charge and your Airpoints Dollars / Business Travel Points can be redeemed for a range of great rewards.


Estimate the great savings your business could make using the Air New Zealand Travelcard.

Simply enter the number of return Air New Zealand trips your business takes per year, and we'll show you how much your annual savings on card payment fees could be*.

- card payment fee savings

Enter the number of return Air New Zealand flights per year

Estimated annual savings:

*Card payment fee savings apply to Air New Zealand flights only. Other airlines may charge a fee for accepting payment by Air New Zealand Travelcard. Visit