Airpoints™ for Business

Make every day business purchases with our partners and you can earn even more Airpoints Dollars™.

Airpoints™ for Business rewards you twice when you travel for work: you or your employee earns Airpoints Dollars and Status Points, and your business earns a bonus of 20% additional Airpoints Dollars.

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Sign in to your Airpoints account and then register your business on your balances page.

Benefits of joining

Start enjoying extra Airpoints Dollar rewards for your business on your flights and everyday spending.

Airpoints for Business benefits

Earn more Airpoints Dollars

Earn more Airpoints Dollars

It's easy to earn Airpoints Dollars just by running your business. Earn 20% extra Airpoints Dollars for your business when travelling for work, and earn on everyday business expenses.<br>
Spend your extra Airpoints&nbsp;Dollars

Spend your extra Airpoints Dollars

Spend your extra Airpoints Dollars on flights or transfer them to a personal account to reward yourself or your team with over 4,000 items from the Airpoints Store, upgrades, Koru memberships and more.
Managing your Airpoints for Business account

Managing your Airpoints for Business account

Take control of your Airpoints for Business account online by inviting or withdrawing employees, assigning Administrators and keeping track of your activity.

How our customers are making the most of Airpoints for Business

Nigel Dong

Nigel Dong

Managing Director of Designgroup Stapleton Elliott Architects.
Maaka Rangihuna

Maaka Rangihuna

Director of New Era Glazing Limited.

More Airpoints for Business benefits

Earn 20% more Airpoints Dollars for your business every time you travel for work, on top of what you already earn for yourself.

Your business can also earn Airpoints Dollars on day-to-day business purchases with our Airpoints for Business partners.

Transfer your additional business Airpoints Dollars to either boost your personal account or treat an employee to some Airpoints Dollars.

It's free to join - there are no costs associated with Airpoints for Business.