Leave your comfort zone at home and fly away with us to inspiring, daring and mind-boggling places, all in the name of adventure travel.

Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures. We love this saying because it captures the essence of edgy travel – the quest for extraordinarily different experiences, sights, sensations and flavours. As we know from more than 75 years of flying people around the world, you’re never too young or too old to expand your horizons with adventure holidays.

The best adventure trips can involve hair-raising, adrenalin-powered exploits that require remarkable fitness and courage, but overseas adventure travel can also be about peaceful, intriguing and life-changing personal growth experiences in places that are beyond the regular tourist haunts.

If you’re keen to discover our adventure travel deals, with a view to enriching your knowledge of the world and feeding your appetite for excitement, our most adventurous destinations are below for you to explore.

  • Vancouver is an adventure paradise for skiing, hiking, biking, catching live music gigs and doing yoga in the park 
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  • From Shanghai you can launch some of the best adventure trips in the world, including the Great Wall and UNESCO World Heritage Huangshan. 
    Find flights to Shanghai, China
  • If you like the risk and reward aspects of luxury adventure holidays, you’ll love the beautiful Yasawa Islands in Fiji. 
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  • Group adventure holidays in Europe are fantastic value for money and you can cover a lot of ground in a short time.  
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  • One of the best places for adventure holidays in the Pacific is Vava’u, Tonga’s northern island group. Go for sailing, whale swimming and sea kayaking 
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  • The best adventure holidays with kids involve a fun mix of theme parks and wildlife sanctuaries. The Gold Coast can help you with that. 
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  • The best adventure holidays in Vietnam usually kick off in Ho Chi Minh City, which is close to the Mekong Delta and Cu Chi Tunnels. 
    Find flights to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Bali invented the concept of adventure holidays for singles, so come to surf, raft, trek, bike and polish up your yoga poses. 
    Find flights to Bali, Indonesia
  • Outdoor adventure holidays in Far North Queensland can involve diving, hiking, kayaking and four-wheel-driving. 
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  • The best family adventure trips are the holidays that have something for everyone. Choose Rarotonga and you can’t go wrong. 
    Find flights to Rarotonga, Cook Islands
  • In Argentina you’ll find extreme wilderness, extraordinary mountain peaks and real South American cowboys. 
    Find flights to Buenos Aires
  • Explore Pumicestone Passage, the Noosa Everglades and remote Rainbow Beach. Sunshine Coast adventures are wet and wild. 
    Find flights to Sunshine Coast
  • One of the top adventure holiday destinations of all time must be Volcano National Park, where you can watch Kilauea ooze red hot lava. 
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  • Couples adventure holidays in Tahiti can involve sailing, wine tasting, over-water bungalows, zip lining and 4x4 overland safaris. 
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  • This huge chunk of coral is an amazing adventure playground. You’ll discover caves, chasms, snorkelling pools and diving. 
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