Sun, sea and sand

If you're thinking beaches, bays and islands for your next holiday, we can fly you to ocean-scented bliss.

There comes a time in everyone's year when a beach break makes more sense than any other sort of holiday. Maybe it's chilly and you desperately need to feel the kiss of the sun.

Maybe you've been working so hard that collapsing on a deck chair is the only logical solution. Or it could be that the siren call of a warm tropical ocean full of coloured fish is just too loud to resist.

Air New Zealand planes have been flying to the southern hemisphere's most beautiful beach destinations since our first Catalina flying boat touched down gently in Aitutaki lagoon in 1951. Today our beach repertoire covers the Pacific Islands, Australia, Asia and the USA.

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect beach, then open them again and start booking.



  • Just eight hours from New Zealand lies a tropical island of 4 million people that's unlike anywhere else on earth. 
    Find flights to Denpasar, Bali
  • With seasonal direct flights to Cairns it’s easy to enjoy tropical Australia. 
    Find flights to Cairns
  • Fiji has amazing beaches, sunny skies and gorgeous resorts, made all the more special by the warmth of its people.  
    Find flights to Fiji
  • Gold Coast offers a holiday experience that both is relaxing and stimulating at the same time. 
    Find flights to Gold Coast
  • Hawaii is where the culture of Polynesia meets the energy of the USA, where sun-kissed beaches meet world-class shopping. 
    Find flights to Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Experience a diverse tropical destination with flights to this pacific island paradise. 
    Find flights to New Caledonia
  • Fly into Niue to see the largest raised coral atoll on earth surrounded by deep blue ocean.  
    Find flights to Niue
  • Fly to Perth in Western Australia for world class vineyards, beaches, and shopping. 
    Find flights to Perth
  • From the moment you touch down in Rarotonga and breathe in the heady scent of frangipani flowers, you’ll feel relaxed. 
    Find flights to Rarotonga, Cook Islands
  • Relax on powdered beaches or play in the relatively undiscovered surfing paradise of Samoa. 
    Find flights to Samoa
  • It’s the kind of place that dreams are made of. A sun-dappled coastline that’s sprinkled with resorts and gorgeous vistas. 
    Find flights to Sunshine Coast
  • Get to Sydney and experience a vibrant city life that rivals the world’s best. 
    Find flights to Sydney
  • Enjoy some Pacific Island time with flights to Tahiti, a sweet relaxed atmosphere awaits. 
    Find flights to Tahiti
  • Experience life in a tropical kingdom that keeps its ancient traditions alive. 
    Find flights to Tonga
  • Astonishing in so many ways, Vietnam is a collision of east and west, old and new. 
    Find flights to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam