When you’re looking for five star and above, or a boutique property that puts a new spin on luxury holidays, we can point you in the right direction.

True luxury travel enfolds you in a cocoon of comfort or takes you to places that are inaccessible to the average traveller. When you get both at the same time, your parallel universe is perfect. Seen through the lens of luxury travel, the earth is a fantasy planet where everything is extraordinary.

The Pacific Islands know a thing or two about travel at the top end, including all-inclusive luxury holidays. There are resorts dedicated solely to the art of beautiful living, with overwater bungalows, private islands and extreme gourmet food and wine experiences. Australia also has luxury holiday destinations that stretch the imagination, with night sky experiences at Uluru, glamping in Kakadu National Park, guided snorkelling with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef and rainforest retreats in northern Queensland.

We’d be doing worldwide luxury holidays a disservice if we didn’t mention Europe. After we land you in London, where the world’s best historic hotels will bend over backwards to make you happy, A-list European luxury holidays are just a hop, skip or jump away. Flit to Copenhagen to check out the Nordic food movement; Monte Carlo for a super yacht charter; the Swiss Alps for luxury ski holidays; or Santorini for a sailing adventure. And if you want a destination that raises everyone’s eyebrows, how about Iceland? Like the weather, the luxury experiences there are beyond cool.