Web browser support

If running a Windows operating system, we recommend browsing this website with the latest version of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. This website is not fully optimised for use with earlier versions.

Using non-compatible browsers or operating systems to access this website may reduce site functionality.

If a technical or browser related issue prevents you from using this website to book travel online, please contact Air New Zealand to complete your booking. Please note that booking service fees will apply.

PDF attachments - download Adobe Acrobat Reader
The website also displays PDF files developed with Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader already on your machine, you may download this free.

Safari sign in workaround instructions

Since the release of the Safari browser version 13.1, Safari users can't sign in to some Air New Zealand websites. This is a result of Safari's stricter implementation of ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention). 

We are working on a permanent fix. As an interim solution, the following options will resolve any issues you may be experiencing. 

Option 1

Use 'Private Browsing' in Safari. In 13.1, you can change to this by clicking 'File' -> 'New Private Window'.

Option 2

Download, install and sign in using a different browser. Edge and Chrome are two alternatives.

Typical symptoms

If you have Safari 13.1, or newer, the typical symptoms you will experience are:

  1. A successful sign in will take place
  2. The sign in page will then redirect back to the site that required the sign in
  3. In most cases the site will then be almost immediately signed out. The symptoms at this stage can vary from user to user.