Inflight Wi-Fi is here

We're excited to introduce our new Wi-Fi service.

Plane by plane, we're installing Wi-Fi across our international fleet right now. Our new refurbished 777-300s are the first in line to get Wi-Fi installed, the 777-200s are next, with the remainder of our international fleet joining in throughout 2018 and 2019.

It's big news for us and our customers. Inflight Wi-Fi together with our award-winning seatback entertainment system will soon be entertaining you in new and exciting ways that are uniquely Air New Zealand.

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    how to connect.
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    our Wi-Fi.
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    recent Wi-Fi flight.

Get connected

Inflight Wi-Fi is available on a handful of our aircraft shortly after take-off. If your flight has Wi-Fi, here's how to add our network and connect. When you're finished, let us know how it went and be in to win 100 Airpoints Dollars™.

Air New Zealand inflight Wi-Fi connect.
  1. Ensure all cellular functions remain off at all times (Wi-Fi uses satellites, not cellular, so it's safe to use onboard)
  2. Switch to Flight mode
  3. Turn on Wi-Fi
  4. Search for and connect to Air NZ_InflightWiFi
  5. Open any browser
  6. Type in the address bar to open our Wi-Fi portal
  7. Follow the instructions
  8. Connect and enjoy until descent!
  9. Do our Wi-Fi survey and be in to win

Be in to win

We'd love your feedback. Tell us how your Inflight Wi-Fi experience went and be in to win 100 Airpoints Dollars. It's our way of saying thanks for helping us make the service better.

Already flown? Do our Wi-Fi survey now.

You have a few ways to connect in the clouds

Air New Zealand inflight Wi-Fi connect.


Get your travel planning done with free access to our website and the Air NZ app.

Two female passengers sharing smartphone inflight


Buy a full flight pass of unlimited Wi-Fi for a single-leg of your journey. We accept Airpoints Dollars and card payments.

A guide to surfing the sky

Generally speaking, data-light activities like browsing, emailing, messaging, and posting on Facebook are well supported. Activities that are heavy on data will not be available.  

Keep in mind that:

  • Heavily data-driven things like large file downloads aren't available
  • It usually takes longer to upload than download
  • Bandwidth is shared across all passengers on the plane
  • We will block some content that could be offensive to your seatmates

Here's how it works

It's pretty exciting, actually.

Air New Zealand inflight Wi-Fi how it works.

When you hop on the Wi-Fi, the signal goes from your device to an antenna on top of the plane. Then, it shoots into space where it's picked up by a satellite in orbit and sent down to earth to collect your data. All this takes place in around two seconds

With the aircraft travelling at more than 800km/hour, by the time your data gets back to you, you've travelled the length of about five rugby fields. Impressive!

That's no small feat, so we partnered with world-leading satellite company Inmarsat along with Panasonic Avionics for the in-cabin hardware to make it all possible.

It's got the speed you need

Woman using smartphone on plane

We want to make sure everyone who's connected gets a fair share of the service. To help with this, we control the internet speed and block certain data-heavy services, like large file downloads. That way everyone can get a good experience. 

Some tips for faster Wi-Fi:

  • Load YouTube videos faster by reducing resolution
  • Give your music some time to buffer for smoother playback
  • Send pictures on apps that reduce file size, like Whatsapp instead of iMessage or Instagram

Tell us about the Wi-Fi

How was your experience? Your feedback helps us make the service better as we extend it across our fleet. Send us your thoughts by completing our survey, and you'll be in to win 100 Airpoints Dollars. It's our way of saying thanks for sharing your input.

Was there a major issue?

Have a look in our terms and conditions. Refunds due to service failures might be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you'd like to request a refund, we'll need some details so we can look at our records and assess what happened. Please complete a feedback form.