Managing your Airpoints™ for Business account

It’s easy to look after your Airpoints for Business account online from any internet-connected device.

It’s easy to self-manage your Airpoints for Business account online. To access your Airpoints for Business account, sign in to your online Air New Zealand account using your personal Airpoints number, navigate to the ‘My Balances’ page, and then select the Airpoints for Business tab.

Inviting employees

You can have up to 20 employees linked to your Airpoints for Business account at any one time. To invite an employee, you need your employee’s full name (as it appears in their personal Airpoints account) and Airpoints number. The employee will then receive an email invitation to the address listed in their personal Airpoints account which they can either accept or decline. Invitations can be withdrawn at any time by selecting the ‘Withdraw invitation’ button.

Assigning administrators

To assign a new administrator, select ‘Manage my Airpoints for Business account’. Select the employee that you’d like to send the invitation to and click ‘Add’. There are no restrictions to the number of administrators, however we recommend no more than two or three. You can add and remove administrators at any time.

Keeping track of your business account balance and activity

Your business account balance and activity will also be available to you from the Airpoints for Business tab. At the bottom of this page, you can see your five most recent activities. To expand this view, select ‘See my Business Statement’.

Transferring Airpoints Dollars™ to and from the Airpoints for Business account

Whether you wish to transfer your business’s Airpoints Dollars to an employee or to your own account, simply select ‘Transfer Airpoints Dollars from the Airpoints for Business account’, then select the recipient for the Airpoints Dollars.If you are the business owner, you can also transfer your personal Airpoints Dollars to the Airpoints for Business account. To make this transfer, just select ‘Transfer your Airpoints Dollars to Airpoints for Business’.

Updating your business details

You can update your details at any point by clicking ‘Manage the Airpoints for Business account’. Here you may update your business email, postal address, physical address, phone number, mobile number, job title and number of employees.

For more information on how to manage your account, please see our frequently asked questions, or watch our video.

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