Airpoints™ for Business frequently asked questions

1. If I join Airpoints™ for Business, will I still be able to earn Airpoints Dollars™ and Status Points into my personal Airpoints account, as I do now as part of being an Airpoints™ member?

Yes, nothing changes to the amount of Airpoints Dollars or Status Points you earn when you travel for work - these are all yours. While the individual traveller continues to earn the same number of Airpoints Dollars and Status Points as before, the business can now earn Airpoints Dollars too!

2. What are the costs associated with Airpoints for Business?

There are no costs associated with Airpoints for Business. It is free to join, there is no minimum spend requirement, and there are no annual membership fees.

3. I am a member of Air New Zealand's Above & Beyond programme. Can I register with Airpoints for Business?

Yes, you can, however you cannot be a member of both programmes. If you are an Above & Beyond member, you'll need to contact the Above & Beyond team to close your account before you can join Airpoints for Business.

4. Can Charities, Partnerships and Incorporated Societies join Airpoints for Business?

Yes they can, however they must register under the 'sole trader/partnership' link. An IRD number will be required at registration for validation purposes.

5. Are there any tax implications associated with an Airpoints for Business account?

We recommend that Airpoints for Business members consult their accountant or tax advisor to ensure that they understand any possible tax implications, such as fringe benefit tax (if applicable).

6. My company has more than one business owner - can I add multiple business owners to my Airpoints for Business account?

No, an Airpoints for Business account can only have one business owner at any one time, however you can have as many administrators as you like. Administrators can invite employees, view account details, make bookings on behalf of linked employees and spend the Airpoints Dollars earned to the account.

7. I work for more than one company - can I register to be part of each Airpoints for Business account?

No, you may only belong to one Airpoints for Business account at any one time.

8. Do my employees have to be Airpoints members in order to join my Airpoints for Business account?

Yes, all members linked to an Airpoints for Business account (including the business owner, administrators and employees) must be Airpoints members. They can join online for free.

9. How does Air New Zealand define business travel?

We define business travel as travel undertaken for business purposes. The majority of your travel must be for business purposes only.

10. How do I earn with Airpoints for Business?

To earn with Airpoints for Business you will need to nominate your travel as work-related.

When booking via the Air New Zealand website, follow the prompts to nominate your travel as 'for business' during the booking process.

When booking via a travel agent, simply let them know that you are travelling for work.

11. I book my business travel through a travel agent. How do I ensure that my business receives the additional Airpoints Dollars?

Simply let your travel agent know that you are travelling for work, and they will be able to nominate your booking accordingly. 

12. When will I receive the Airpoints Dollars earned on Eligible Flights?

Any Airpoints Dollars earned should appear in your online Air New Zealand account within three months of the Eligible Flight being made. For more information, please visit the Airpoints terms & conditions.

13. Does my business earn Status Points?

No. There are no membership tiers to the Airpoints for Business programme.

14. There are several people on my booking but not all are travelling for business. Can I nominate this as work-related?

Yes, however only the travellers that are associated with an Airpoints for Business account will be able to contribute Airpoints Dollars towards the Airpoints for Business account balance.

15. I forgot to nominate my travel as work-related, what do I do now?

If you have not travelled yet, you can change the purpose of your travel from the 'My Bookings' section in your online Air New Zealand account.

Locate the travel that you would like to nominate as 'for business', and select 'View Fare Information'. The flight can be nominated as 'for business' from the Airpoints for Business section.

If you have already flown, you can submit a retrospective claim.

16. Can I use my UATP Travelcard as payment with Airpoints for Business?

No, an Airpoints for Business member is not able to use Travelcard as payment, and this payment option will not be available to you when booking online.

17. Why can't I use my UATP Travelcard as a form of payment with Airpoints for Business?

Air New Zealand Travelcard benefits are not available in conjunction with Airpoints for Business programme benefits.

18. How can I claim missing Airpoints Dollars?

You can claim missing Airpoints Dollars by signing in to your online Air New Zealand account and selecting the 'Your Bookings' link at the top right of the page. From here, select the 'Claim Missing Airpoints' link and enter the required details on the form. Alternatively, you can access the form directly here.

19. Who has the authority to spend from the Airpoints for Business account?

The business owner of the account and any nominated administrators are the only ones with the authority to spend Airpoints Dollars from the Airpoints for Business account.

20. How do I book flights using the Airpoints Dollars in my Airpoints for Business account?

Book a flight online using your Airpoints for Business account balance by selecting Airpoints for Business as the payment option.

21. Which flights can I spend my Airpoints Dollars on?

All Airpoints Dollar redemptions are subject to the Airpoints terms & conditions.

22. Can I accept the invitation to join the programme on behalf of my employees?

No. Only the employee may accept this invitation, and they will also be required to accept the Airpoints for Business terms & conditions to complete the registration process.

23. I invited an employee to join my Airpoints for Business account however my invitation was never received. Why is this?

Please ensure that the employee checks the email address which they have listed in their personal Airpoints profile. You may resend this invitation via the Airpoints for Business dashboard in your online Air New Zealand account. To do so, you will firstly need to withdraw your invitation to the employee by selecting "Withdraw Invitation".

24. I cannot add an administrator to my Airpoints for Business account. Why is this?

To assign administration rights to an employee you must have at least two active members in your Airpoints for Business account (i.e. the business owner and an employee). If you have invited an employee, please ensure that they have accepted the invitation to join the account. 

Find out more about assigning administrators.