Airpoints™ for Business and Umbrellar have teamed up to help get your business off the ground sooner.

Umbrellar is proud to be one of the first partners of Airpoints™ for Business, the only dedicated hosting company offering Airpoints Dollars. As a full service cloud hosting, web hosting, domain name management business, Umbrellar can build your infrastructure, house your hardware, manage your hosting including backups and updates or just provide you with a great domain name. In short, Umbrellar can manage all your needs as a modern company in the digital age.

Earning Airpoints Dollars for your business with Umbrellar and Airpoints for Business

Airpoints™ for Business members can earn 1 Airpoints Dollar per NZD $200 spent with Umbrellar*.  Simply provide your Airpoints number when opening an account with Umbrellar, or if you are an existing customer, make sure to update your account to include your Airpoints number. Airpoints Dollars will automatically accrue to the Airpoints for Business account.

To find out more about earning Airpoints Dollars at Umbrellar, visit the Umbrellar website. Alternatively, to find more Airpoints partners, visit our Airpoints partner map.