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If you're already a New Zealand based Airpoints™ member with an online account, you're ready to go. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Sign into your Airpoints account
  2. Go to My Balances
  3. Click the Shairpoints™ tab

If you're not an Airpoints member, you can join today. It's free.

Join Airpoints™

When you create a Shairpoints account you become the ‘Enabler’. Each year* you can invite up to four people to join your Shairpoints account. Two of those people can live at a different postal address within New Zealand to you. The maximum number of members a Shairpoints account can have is five and a person can only belong to one group at a time. The invitations to join your Shairpoints account will be valid for seven days.

TIP: If someone lives at the same address as you, make sure their Airpoints™ address is written exactly the same as yours. For example, if yours has ‘Road’ and they use ‘Rd’ it won’t be recognised as the same address. You can update your Airpoints details at any time by signing into your Airpoints account and visiting your My profile page.

*The year is calculated from the anniversary of the Enabler’s date of joining Airpoints. Each year a new allocation of four invitations will be given.

The Enabler controls which members are Spenders or Non-spenders of the Airpoints Dollars™ in the Shairpoints™ account. The Enabler can change a member’s role at any time.

Everyone’s Airpoints Dollar balances will show as a combined total in the Shairpoints account. To view the balance of the Shairpoints account sign in to your Airpoints™ account and go to My Balances and then the Shairpoints tab. Only the Enabler and Spenders can see this total balance and spend Airpoints Dollars from the Shairpoints account. When spending Airpoints Dollars, the Airpoints Dollars earned first by any member of the Shairpoints account are used first, regardless of who earned them.

Non-spenders can still sign in to their own Airpoints account to view and spend Airpoints Dollars they have personally earned.

Anyone can leave a Shairpoints™ account at any time. When someone withdraws, their personal Airpoints Dollar™ balance is removed from the Shairpoints account total. If the Enabler has used their annual allocation of four accepted invitations, they will have to wait for the next allocation before inviting someone else. When the Enabler withdraws from a group, the Shairpoints account is closed and each member retains any remaining Airpoints Dollars they have earned.