Share Airpoints Dollars™ with friends and family.

Create a Shairpoints™ account with up to four friends and family, to combine your Airpoints Dollars and get to that next reward faster.

With a wide range of items to spend your Airpoints Dollars on, including flights, gifts from the Airpoints™ Store, Koru membership, upgrades, rental cars, travel insurance, wine, or merchandise, , Shairpoints makes it that much easier - all you have to do is choose your reward!

Shairpoints is free to join, and available to all New Zealand based Airpoints members.

How Shairpoints works

Shairpoints account setup

If you're already a New Zealand based Airpoints™ member with an online account, you're ready to go. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Sign in to your Airpoints account
2. Go to My Balances 
3. Click the Shairpoints™ tab

You can create a Shairpoints account with up to four other New Zealand based Airpoints members. Two members need to live at the same postal address as you, while up to two members can live at a different address.

Roles of Shairpoints account

If you set up a Shairpoints account, you become the 'Enabler' (owner) of the Shairpoints account. Each year* you can share your Airpoints Dollars with up to four members of your Shairpoints account, to spend on flights or rewards as you like.

The Enabler can assign roles to members of the group. A 'Spender' can spend Airpoints Dollars from the Shairpoints account, while a 'Non-spender' can contribute Airpoints Dollars but is not able to spend Airpoints Dollars from the Shairpoints account.

Shairpoints account balance

All Shairpoints group members' Airpoints Dollar balances will show as a combined total in the Shairpoints account. To view the balance of the Shairpoints account, simply sign in to your Airpoints account and go to 'My Balances' and then the 'Shairpoints' tab. Only the Enabler and the Spenders can see this total balance and spend Airpoints Dollars from the Shairpoints account.

Airpoints Dollars Advance

For any members who have an Airpoints credit card with an Airpoints Dollars Advance benefit, their Airpoints Dollars Advance will contribute to the available funds of the Shairpoints group. Any member of the Shairpoints group who is assigned as a 'Spender' will be able to spend funds from another member's Airpoints Dollars Advance.

The Airpoints Dollars in the Shairpoints group are deducted from the balance with the oldest points used first, regardless of whether they are a Spender or Non-spender in the group.

Non-spenders of the group can still log into their personal Airpoints account to view and spend their Airpoints Dollars they have personally earned as they wish.


No, two of your Shairpoints account members can live at a different postal address within New Zealand. There can be up to two postal addresses linked to a Shairpoints account at one time.

You can have up to five members of a Shairpoints account at one time.

You will need to ensure that all members of the Shairpoints group living at the same address have their address details written in exactly the same way. For example, ensure words such as ‘Road’ are written the same, rather than using 'Rd'. You can update your Airpoints address details at any time by signing into your Airpoints account and visiting your My profile page.

Any Shairpoints member can leave their Shairpoints group at any time and their Airpoints Dollars will be removed from the Shairpoints account. If the Enabler has used their annual allocation of four accepted invitations for the year, they will need to wait until the next year to invite someone else to join the group.

If the Enabler withdraws from a group, the Shairpoints account is closed and each member retains any remaining Airpoints Dollars they have earned.

If you have an Airpoints credit card, you can check our Airpoints Credit Card Comparison table or contact your Airpoints Credit Card provider directly to find out whether your card gives you access to an Airpoints Dollars Advance.

If you have an Airpoints Dollars Advance, you will see this included in your balance displayed on the Air New Zealand Mobile app and when you login to your Airpoints account.

We are unable to remove the Advance facility from your Shairpoints group. If you do not wish to use the Advance, you will need to ensure you have enough earned Airpoints Dollars in your account before you purchase a reward. You can check your Shairpoints balance any time using the Air New Zealand Mobile app or by logging in to your online account.

If you dip into your Airpoints Dollars Advance and have a negative balance, the person who has the Airpoints Dollars Advance will need to earn back the Advance amount you spent within the following 12 months. You can do this by earning Airpoints Dollars in any of the normal ways - through flying, credit cards, or with our Airpoints partners. Any Airpoints Dollars you earn will go towards paying back the Advance before topping up your balance. If you don't manage to repay the amount within 12 months, we may take legal action to recover the monetary value of any Airpoints Dollars deficit.

We add up all the Shairpoints members' available balances, both positive and negative, to give the total balance available to all Shairpoints members in the group. Only the 'Enabler' and the 'Spenders' can spend Airpoints Dollars in the Shairpoints account.

Person 1

-150.62    Airpoints Dollars Balance (negative balance is repayable to Air NZ)
200.00    Airpoints Dollars Advance
49.38    Available Airpoints Dollars

Person 2

25.00    Airpoints Dollars Balance
0.00    No Airpoints Dollars Advance
25.00    Available Airpoints Dollars 

Shairpoints Balance (Person 1 + Person 2)

(-150.62) + (25.00) = -125.62    (negative balance is repayable to Air NZ)

Shairpoints Available Balance (Person 1 + Person 2)

(49.38) + (25.00) = 74.38

If you choose to close your Airpoints Credit Card, you can do so directly with your bank. If you have used your Airpoints Dollars Advance and you have a negative balance, you can earn back the outstanding balance over time by earning Airpoints Dollars in all the normal ways. Any Airpoints Dollars that you earn will go towards paying back the balance. If you decide to close your Airpoints account, you will be asked to repay the full amount before your account can be closed.