Carepoints™ terms & conditions

Taking part in the Carepoints™ programme is deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.
22 May 2020
  1. Each of the dates set out below relate to the May / June 2020 Carepoints programme:
    Donation Start Date - 22 May 2020
    Donation End Date - 19 June 2020 (or until donation targets are reached)
  2. Airpoints members will be able to donate their Airpoints Dollars™ to a selected charity from the Donation Start Date via the "Carepoints" category on the Airpoints Store. The minimum donation is 10 Airpoints Dollars.
  3. The Airpoints Store is only available to Airpoints members that reside within New Zealand.
  4. Airpoints Dollar donations are not equivalent to cash and therefore do not classify as a charitable donation and are not eligible for tax credits.
  5. Each charity is eligible to receive funding of up to 100,000 Airpoints Dollars. Unless otherwise stated, any Airpoints Dollars donated to a charity that are not used or redeemed in accordance with these terms and conditions, or are in excess of the maximum funding amount, may, at Air New Zealand's discretion, be transferred to another charity(ies) in the current Carepoints programme (up to the maximum funding amount), such allocation to be determined at Air New Zealand's discretion.
  6. All donations of Airpoints Dollars processed through the Airpoints Store are final and cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  7. Airpoints members may provide a donation until the Donation End Date.
  8. Airpoints Dollars donated to a charity will be held in a separate account for the charity by Air New Zealand. Airpoints Dollar donations will be used by the charity to purchase business related travel with Air NZ and Star Alliance partners and Airpoints partner gift cards from New World, Mitre 10 and Z via the Airpoints Store following the Donation End Date.
  9. Airpoints terms and conditions apply. In the event of a conflict between these terms and the Airpoints terms and conditions, these terms will apply.
  10. Air New Zealand privacy policy applies.