Stay one step ahead of scammers

We're committed to keeping our customers safe from cybercriminals who pretend to be Air New Zealand.

Latest Air New Zealand scams

Scammers might send you a 'phishing' email that looks like it's from Air New Zealand. They might also post on social media pretending to be us. Their goal is to steal your personal information or Airpoints™ login details. There are many types of scams.

We've collated the latest examples of scams and phishing attempts targeting Air New Zealand customers.

'Exclusive reward' scam email

This phishing email uses an enticing reward to trick you into revealing your Airpoints login and credit card information. The words 'act now' create a false sense of urgency.

Always log in to your Airpoints account through Air New Zealand's official website or the Air NZ app. Check out the FAQs to learn how to spot a scam.

'Baggage services' scam website

This phishing website uses the title 'air new zealand baggage size' to sell fake Air New Zealand baggage services and collect your payment card details. Please purchase excess baggage or extra bags through Air New Zealand's official website or the Air NZ app.

'Luggage sale' scam website

This fraudulent website promotes a fake luggage sale. The promotion contains a malicious link that will ask you to reveal your personal information and payment card details. Air New Zealand does not sell luggage.

'Claim your gift' scam website

This fake website attempts to trick you into revealing your login credentials for malicious purposes. The page looks similar to the authentic Air New Zealand login page, with a convincing layout, logo and content. Always verify the legitimacy of the website and only log in through Air New Zealand's official website.

'6 months of free flights for $2' fake social media posts

These social media phishing posts promote fake cards for $2 that give you free Air New Zealand flights for 6 months. This is an example of something that is too good to be true.

Air New Zealand's official social media accounts are certified with a blue tick next to our name in our posts.

'Win 6 months of free flights' and 'suitcase sale' fake social media posts

These fraudulent social media accounts use sponsored content to get you to 'apply now' or 'shop now' so the scammers can steal your personal details. Air New Zealand reunites customers with lost bags and does not sell lost suitcases.


How do I spot a scam?

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Where can I report a suspicious social media post?

Where do I report an Air New Zealand scam?

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Types of scams

These are some of the most common types of scams, but scammers can approach you in many other ways.


Special deal scams

Unexpected money scams

Impersonation scams

Identity theft

Fake websites