premiumeconomy sample menu

Enjoy a dining experience that gives you a genuine taste of New Zealand, with mouth-watering cuisine and flavoursome New Zealand wines.

We work with our consultant chefs and wine experts to deliver our premiumeconomy meals. Examples of our premiumeconomy menu choices below: 


To begin
Beetroot cured smoked salmon, napa cabbage slaw, creme fraiche and fresh pomegranate seeds

From the bakery
Wholemeal rolls and garlic bread


  • Slow cooked beef with balsamic, parmesan and smoked bacon mashed potatoes, green peas
    and leeks
  • Wood roasted chicken, fragrant rice pilaf with fruit and seeds, roasted broccolini
  • Alaskan cod with cannellini beans in tomato sugo, green olive and basil tapenade and sauteed kale

To finish
Banana caramel mousse


To begin

  • Fruit selection with Vogel's cereals and yoghurt
  • Croissants with fruit conserve

From the stove

  • Black bean and scrambled egg filled wheat quesadilla with linguica sausage and tomatillo salsa
  • Apple, banana and buckwheat pancakes with berry compote and sweet syrup


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Pre-order special meals

Our pre-order special meals cater for a wide range of dietary and cultural needs.

Food allergies

If you have allergy concerns, we recommend you take precautions.

Meals for infants and children

We offer children's meal options when you book.