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Join Airpoints now to start earning Airpoints Dollars and Status Points straight away.

Earn Airpoints Dollars™

It’s easy to earn Airpoints Dollars in the air and on the ground. All you have to do is remember to enter your Airpoints number in your travel bookings or scan your card at our Airpoints partners.

  • In the air:

    • Earn Airpoints Dollars on any regularly available Air New Zealand ticketed and operated fare (excluding greenlight grabaseat fares via and fares purchased using Airpoints Dollars).
    • Earn on eligible Star Alliance and also partner flights including Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific and Etihad (when on an Air New Zealand flight number).
  • On the ground:

    • Shop and earn with our non-airline partners including at over 3000 Fly Buys retailers, hotels, cruises and rental car agencies.
    • Earn with OneSmart, the only prepaid card to reward you with Airpoints Dollars.
    • Get an Airpoints Credit Card to boost your earnings even further.

Find out all the ways to earn Airpoints Dollars.

Spend Airpoints Dollars

The Airpoints currency is simple - 1 Airpoints Dollar equals 1 New Zealand dollar, making it easy to know how much you have in your account.

And just like earning Airpoints Dollars you can spend them in the air and on the ground.

  • In the air:

    • Spend your Airpoints Dollars to purchase any seat on any Air New Zealand flight or see how many Airpoints Dollars you need for a Star Alliance or Partner Airline flight.
    • Spend your Airpoints Dollars to request an upgrade with OneUp, our upgrade request system.
    • Purchase a Koru membership with your Airpoints Dollars  so you can experience more comfort whilst you travel with Air New Zealand.
  • On the ground:

    • Spend your Airpoints Dollars online in our Airpoints Store.
    • Use your Airpoints Dollars to book your hotel, rental car or cruise for that next holiday.

Discover all the ways you can spend your Airpoints Dollars.

Status Points

Every time you fly with Air New Zealand and many of our partner airlines you earn Status Points. Status Points are what determine your tier status. When you’ve reached Elite, Gold or Silver status you’ll enjoy a range of travel benefits and privileges to make your trip even more enjoyable. See our full range of frequent flyer benefits that you could soon be enjoying.

Your online Air New Zealand account

To keep track of your membership, redeem your Airpoints Dollars or check your flights, sign in to your online Air New Zealand account. This is your portal to the world of Airpoints. If you do not already have one register now.

And remember:

  • Always Provide Your Airpoints Membership Number
    Be sure to quote your Airpoints membership number when you book with us or our partners so that all the Airpoints Dollars and Status Points you are due are credited to your account.
  • Let us know if you are missing Airpoints Dollars or Status Points
    Keep your original boarding passes and tickets (or E-ticket receipts) or partner receipts in a safe place until your Airpoints Dollars and Status Points appear on your online activity detail. If your Airpoints Dollars or Status Points haven't appeared in your Airpoints account within two weeks of completing your travel, you can let us know online. Claim your missing points online by signing in to your Air New Zealand account, and choosing “Missing some Airpoints Dollars or Status Points?” when viewing your statement.
  • Airpoints Dollars can expire
    Airpoints Dollars are valid for 4-5 years. Each year, on your anniversary of joining Airpoints, any Airpoints Dollars earned more than four years earlier will expire. Every time you use Airpoints Dollars, the oldest ones are used first, keeping the Airpoints Dollars due to expire to a minimum. To see when your Airpoints Dollars are due to expire, sign in to your online Air New Zealand account. Also ensure that your communication preferences allow us to send you account information and that way you will be updated regularly about your Airpoints Dollar balance.

    Your Airpoints Dollars will not expire while you retain Elite or Gold status. Should you move below Gold status, you will have until your next anniversary of joining to use any Airpoints Dollars that would have otherwise expired. If your next anniversary falls within two months of you moving below Gold status you will have two months to utilise these Airpoints Dollars.

    When you have a selected Airpoints earning credit card your Airpoints Dollars will also never expire as long as you hold that card.
  • If your Airpoints card goes missing we can replace it
    If you need a replacement Airpoints membership card, you can get one for NZ$25 or 25 Airpoints Dollars. The cost is waived for Airpoints Silver, Gold and Elite members. If you'd like a replacement card, call the Contact Centre
sign in to your online Air New Zealand account[PH1] . This is your portal to the world of Airpoints. If you do not already have one

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