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Frequently asked questions

If you've forgotten your Airpoints™ number, and can't log in to check your balance, we can help.

Do you know the email address you used to set up your Airpoints membership - the one you saved in your profile? If so, you can request a username reminder online.

We'll email this reminder to you, along with your Airpoints number, and a link to sign in. Start by retrieving your username.

If you can't remember the email address you used to sign up, no problem, but you'll need to call us on 0800 247 764 or +64 9 357 3000 if you're overseas and we'll ask some questions to make sure you are “you” and then give you your Airpoints number.

Once you have your Airpoints number:

  1. You can sign in
  2. Select 'Your balances' on screen to see your Airpoints Dollars™ and Shairpoints™ balance (and much more)

You'll see your Airpoints number and profile name displayed on the top right of your browser window too.

Yes, it's possible to top up your Airpoints™ balance, by purchasing Airpoints Dollars.

Our range of Air New Zealand credit cards, issued by Kiwibank, reward you with Airpoints Dollars for your everyday spending* and also give you the ability to top up your Airpoints Dollars balance.

*Lending criteria, terms, fees and conditions apply.

Existing Air New Zealand Airpoints Credit Card customers can find instructions on how to top up here on our Airpoints top up page. There is a NZD $5 fee for topping up your balance.


To make sure the Airpoints Dollars™ you earn are automatically added to your account, the name on your Airpoints™ membership, and the name in which you book travel, should match. This should also be the same name that's on your current passport. The same applies if you are a Koru member.

What to do if you travel under a different name

If your Airpoints member name and your travel name don't match, we need to know you 'are you' before we award your Airpoints Dollars, so in that case you'll need to email us with copies of:

  • your boarding pass
  • your eTicket (if you have one)
  • identity verification (such as a marriage certificate)

Updating your account details

If you update your Airpoints and Koru name details, the process will all be automatic as your details will match. To update your Airpoints or Koru account name, please email us with:

  • a copy of your ID showing your previous name (marriage certificate, birth certificate, driver licence)
  • a scanned copy of your passport verifying your new name

To update your date of birth in your Airpoints or Koru account, please email us with:

  • a scanned copy of your ID showing your date of birth (passport, birth certificate, driver licence)

Please also confirm your current address and how you like to be addressed (Mr, Ms, Mrs, or something else). We'll send you a new Airpoints card once we've updated your account details.

Domestic travel

If you are travelling domestically (within NZ) and don't have a passport, or if your passport is still in your previous name, you can email us with a copy of your marriage certificate, driver licence or other identification document verifying your new name and date of birth.

Your Airpoints credit card

If you are an Airpoints credit card holder, please call the issuing bank or financial institution to have the name on your account amended to match your Airpoints account name.

If your Airpoints card is definitely lost, you can request a new one. Here's how:

1. Visit Airpoints

2. Open Oscar, our friendly chatbot and tell him that you need a replacement Airpoints card; and

3. Answer a few simple questions about your contact information.

Oscar will make sure a new replacement card gets sent out to your residential address.

If you have an Airpoints with OneSmart card, it's a good idea to suspend it if it's missing, or you think it's been stolen, so it can't be used.

Here's what to do:

1. Log in to your OneSmart Account;

2. Under Settings, select Card settings;

3. Select Suspend card; and

4. Your card will be suspended, so it can't be used for purchases.

If you are sure your card is stolen, to protect your OneSmart Account against unintended use, please call us at OneSmart on 0800 787 555, or +64 9 377 8535 from overseas and we’ll cancel your old card right away, and send you a new one.  This may take up to 4 weeks to arrive.

Find out more at OneSmart.

Terms and conditions

Yes, if you purchase your fare on our New Zealand or Australian websites or from our contact centre (service fees apply). But please note, you can only do this at the time your book your flight.

If you've already made a booking, you won't be able to pay for another bag with your Airpoints Dollars™, but you can pay with a credit card or a POLi payment.

If you want to add a bag to your booking, you can do so here.

We're working on our mobile booking capability, but at the moment you cannot use Airpoints Dollars for seat select.



If you think you're missing Airpoints Dollars™ or Status Points you've earned, you can claim for them, up to six months later.

Please log in to your Airpoints account, and click the “Claim missing Airpoints” tab. We'll find out what happened, and credit your Airpoints account if your claim is successful.

There are lots of ways to earn Airpoints Dollars and Status Points, and some come through later than others. It's possible your missing Airpoints Dollars and Status Points are still being processed.

Remember, we can only process your claim if:

  • You've completed your flight
  • Your flight was in the last six months if you are an existing Airpoints member
  • Your flight was eligible to earn Airpoints Dollars and Status Points
  • If it was a business flight, you were a member of Airpoints for Business when you flew
  • Your flight was no more than 30 days before you joined Airpoints if you've joined recently.

Find out more about claiming missing points, and when you can expect to see them in your account.



Air New Zealand lounge passes are not available for purchase. However, Koru members do have the option to purchase a Koru Guest Card which allows the member to bring an additional guest into Air New Zealand Lounges provided that both travellers are departing on an Air New Zealand operated flight, with an Air New Zealand ticket and flight number.

Koru Guest Cards are available for set fees for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. Visit for details.

Good question. Here's how to find out.


For flights with Air New Zealand and our partner airlines, use our Airpoints calculator to see what you'll earn on a specific flight.


For everyday shopping with our Airpoints partners, select the partner from our Airpoints Partner page and click through to their own Airpoints™ page. You'll see how many Airpoints Dollars you can earn when you spend with them.

Credit or debit cards

If you have an Airpoints credit or debit card, check out our comparison table; you can see your earn rates with each card.

Airpoints Mall

If you go to our Airpoints Mall you'll find your earn rate on all our international and local brands.

Travel partners

Check our travel partners page for your Airpoints Dollars earning power on hotels, rental cars, taxis, insurance, parking and more.