Companion tickets

Spending Airpoints Dollars™ on companion tickets.

If you have already purchased a Business Premier™, Premium Economy, Economy Flexi, Flexi Works or Flexi Works Deluxe ticket, you can purchase a travel companion a discounted ticket paid for with Airpoints Dollars™. Just follow the simple step by step process below:

  1. Choose your flight
    1. Visit our site to view the available flights to your destination
    2. Call our contact centre to see if a companion ticket is available for your preferred flight
    3. We will confirm the required number of Airpoints Dollars for the companion ticket

  2. Book your flight
    1. Book your Business Premier, Premium Economy, Economy Flexi, Flexi Works or Flexi Works Deluxe fare online, through our contact centre or a travel agent

  3. Request the companion ticket
    1. Call our contact centre again to request your companion ticket, ensuring you have enough Airpoints Dollars for the full value of the companion ticket
    2. Your request can be made up to 355 days in advance
    3. Your companion ticket will be confirmed by email

See our companion ticket chart, which shows companion ticket prices for international and domestic destinations in Airpoints Dollars.

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