OneSmart™ FAQs

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Who can request OneSmart?

How do I request OneSmart?

Where can I use OneSmart?

Is there anything I can't use OneSmart for?

Will I be charged a card payment fee if I use OneSmart for an online flight booking on the Air New Zealand website?

Can I use OneSmart to transact in currencies that I haven't loaded onto my OneSmart account?

Can I get a second card linked to the same OneSmart account or have multiple cards for my family members?

What happens to my OneSmart card if my Airpoints tier changes?

I didn't receive my Airpoints Card with OneSmart, where can I get one?

I've requested OneSmart but haven't received the card. What should I do?

How do I opt out of OneSmart?

Who is the card issuer for OneSmart?

What is a card issuer?

Is OneSmart different to a debit or credit card?

What do I need to do when my card arrives?

When do I set a PIN for my OneSmart card?

What is the limit I can withdraw from an ATM with OneSmart?

How much money can I have in my OneSmart account?

What is dynamic currency conversion?

What would happen if I did accept a dynamic currency conversion?

Which way do I put my card into an ATM?

When will I get my Airpoints Dollars™ rewards from spending with OneSmart?

How do I load money to my OneSmart account?

What will happen if I want to make a purchase in a supported currency but the value of it exceeds the remaining balance I have in that currency?

In what order will currencies be used from my OneSmart account?

How can I log in to my account in the app?

OneSmart is an unsecured debt security issued by EML Payment Solutions Limited (8079483) (the "Issuer"). OneSmart is not guaranteed by any person. EML is solely responsible for the repayment of your OneSmart facility. View the Product Disclosure Statement for more detail. Information has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs and you should consider the appropriateness of the information about the OneSmart facility before making any decisions about whether to acquire or continue using the prepaid facility.


Mastercard® and Priceless Specials are registered trademarks, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.


¹Eligible purchases do not include money orders, traveller's cheques, gambling chips, flights purchased directly from Air New Zealand. You do not earn Airpoints Dollars when loading funds to your OneSmart Card, transferring funds to another currency balance or another member's OneSmart Card or when withdrawing funds from ATMs or cashing out your OneSmart Card balance. Purchases that are reversed, refunded or charged-back are also ineligible for points earn, in addition to fees incurred.


²Although the Mastercard acceptance mark may be displayed, OneSmart may not operate in some countries and geographical regions, due to restrictions. For more information please see the Product Disclosure Statement.


Air New Zealand Airpoints programme terms and conditions apply.