OneSmart™ FAQs

Find answers to the most commonly asked OneSmart™ questions.

Learn more about OneSmart™ and how you can manage your travel money easily and securely.


Who can have an Airpoints™ card with OneSmart™ functionality?

What currencies can I hold in my OneSmart™ Account?

Where can I use OneSmart™?

What is a Prepaid Mastercard®?

Why use OneSmart™ when travelling instead of my debit or credit card?

What happens to my OneSmart™ Account when my Airpoints™ card expires or my Airpoints tier status changes?

What do I need to do when my card arrives?

When do I set a PIN for my OneSmart Airpoints™ card?

Can I get a second card linked to the same OneSmart™ Account or have multiple cards for my family members?

Can I withdraw any currency using OneSmart™ at an ATM?

What is the limit I can withdraw from an ATM with OneSmart™?

Can I buy Airpoints Dollars™ with OneSmart™?

What is the exchange rate when I transfer money between currencies on my OneSmart™Account?

How much money can I have in my OneSmart™ Account?

Will I be charged a card payment fee if I use my OneSmart™ Account for an online flight booking on the Air New Zealand website?

Is there anything I shouldn't use OneSmart™ for?

What is Dynamic currency conversion?

Which way do I put my card into an ATM?

When will I get my Airpoints Dollars™ rewards from spending with OneSmart™?

How do I load money to my OneSmart™ Account?

I didn't receive my Air New Zealand Airpoints Card with OneSmart™, where can I get one?

How does my OneSmart™ Account work when I make a purchase in a currency that is supported by OneSmart™?

Can I use OneSmart™ in a country that doesn't use a supported currency?

Are there any countries my OneSmart™ card won't work in?

What will happen if I want to make a purchase in a supported currency but the value of it exceeds the remaining balance I have in that currency?

What would happen if I did accept a Dynamic currency conversion?

What is an unsupported currency?

How do I change my name on my Airpoints™ card with OneSmart™ features?

Will my OneSmart™ Account work if I move overseas?

What is the fee for an ATM withdrawal from my OneSmart™ Account?

Am I now a Mastercard® customer because my Airpoints™ card has a reloadable Prepaid Mastercard built in?

In what order will currencies be used from my OneSmart™ Account?

Why does EML need to identify me?

I want to receive a card without OneSmart™ functionality. What do I need to do?

How can I get the new app?

How can I log in to my account in the app?