Travel alerts

Travel alerts contains information about current travel alerts that are in effect.

Australian Border Force Strike Action

Employees of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, including the Australian Border Force, will take part in protected industrial action across Australian airports between Monday 26 September - 9 October 2016. As a result, departure and arrival processing at Australian airports may take longer than usual. 

We recommend that customers flying out of Australia check in earlier than normal and allow additional time after check in to complete the border security process prior to departure.

For information regarding about where and when protected industrial action is planned to occur please see the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection website. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Due to Battery issues the FAA strongly advise passengers not to turn on or charge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices on board aircraft, and not to stow them in any checked baggage.

As a result if you are carrying one of these devices on an Air New Zealand operated service it must be carried in the cabin and must not be turned on or charged whilst on board the aircraft. These devices must not be carried in your checked baggage.

Zika Virus - Travel Flexibility

There is ongoing concern regarding the spread of the mosquito-borne Zika virus and the impact on pregnant women and their babies. The Zika virus have been reported in Samoa, Tonga, Africa, Southern Asia, and the Americas.

The following flexibility will be permitted on all domestic and international fare types ticketed by Air New Zealand for passengers who are currently pregnant (and their travelling companions) that are concerned about travelling to an area confirmed as having the Zika Virus, prior to and including Friday 22 January 2016.

For further information on the Zika virus please visit and for a list of affected areas outside of the Pacific, please visit . Customers are also encouraged to speak with their health professional around any concerns they may have. 

Options for pregnant passengers (and their travelling companions) are as follows

Postpone travel or bring travel forward

Postpone or bring travel forward to a later or earlier Air New Zealand flight in the same class of travel inside 12 months of the original date of travel without penalty. Travel in a higher class of travel will require any fare difference to be paid.

If the proposed date of travel is unknown, then the value of the ticket may be held in credit for payment towards travel within the same 12 month validity, please note that any fare difference and or taxes will apply.

Please note that Contact centre service fees will apply for changes.

Change Destination

Passengers affected may also change their travel to another Air New Zealand destination without penalty. Any applicable fare difference and or additional taxes and Contact centre service fees will apply.


Normal refund rules apply and non-refundable fares remain non-refundable.

Travel Insurance

Customers should refer to their policy and insurance provider for updates on Zika Virus and possible coverage.