Elite Banked Year Gifting terms and conditions

Please note that Elite Banked Year Gifting has been delayed due to the impacts of COVID-19.


"Airpoints Gold and Elite Tenure" means the number of consecutive years (being consecutive 12 month periods) the Member has spent at Airpoints Gold or Elite Tier Status, or a combination of the two. The Airpoints Gold and Elite Tenure shall be calculated at the Member's last Tier Status Review Date.

Terms and conditions:

  1. From an effective date to be set by Air New Zealand, Members who hold Airpoints Elite Tier Status and have an Airpoints Gold and Elite Tenure of at least fifteen (15) years, are eligible to gift one (1) of their Elite Banked Years to a Member on their Gifting Register.
  2. To be eligible to gift an Elite Banked Year, a Member must:
    1. Currently hold Elite Tier Status;
    2. Have an Airpoints Gold and Elite Tenure of at least 15 years; and
    3. Have at least one (1) Elite Banked Year in his or her Elite Banked Year balance,
  3. A Giftor may nominate a Member from their Gifting Register to receive one of the Giftor's unused Elite Banked Years ("Gifted Elite Banked Year"), by selecting that Member from the Giftor's Gifting Register ("Recipient") found in their online Air New Zealand account
  4. Air New Zealand reserves the right in its sole discretion to permit or prohibit the awarding of a Gifted Elite Banked Year.
  5. A Giftor may only gift one (1) Elite Banked Year each Elite Membership Year they continue to retain Elite Tier Status, provided all other eligibility criteria are met.
  6. The Recipient shall be upgraded to Elite Tier Status, provided the Recipient does not already hold an Elite Membership. Any of the Recipient's unused benefits from any prior Tier Status will be removed within 7 days and replaced with the Elite Tier Status benefits.
  7. In the event the Recipient already holds a current Elite Membership, the Recipient shall have one Elite Banked Year credited to their account.
  8. At the expiry of the Recipient's Gifted Elite Banked Year, if the Recipient has not earned sufficient Status Points to retain Elite Tier Status, the Recipient will downgrade to Gold Tier Status, and will follow the usual Airpoints Tier Status downgrade process.
  9. Elite Banked Years may not be traded, sold or purchased. Doing so may result in the Giftor's and or Recipient's Membership being terminated.
  10. Air New Zealand may make changes to these terms and conditions, at any time, in its sole discretion.
  11. Airpoints Terms and Conditions apply and unless otherwise specified, all terms referred to in these terms and conditions have the same meaning as the Airpoints Terms and Conditions.