Airpoints Dollars™ Advance

Airpoints Dollars Advance is like an overdraft.

Certain Airpoints™ credit card products offer this as a benefit, allowing you to access a few extra Airpoints Dollars in the short term if you don't have quite enough for a reward.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I have an Airpoints Dollars™ Advance?

How will I know if I have used my Airpoints Dollars Advance?

What is my available balance?

What if I don't want to use the Airpoints Dollars Advance facility?

What if I have more than one Airpoints Credit Card with Airpoints Dollars Advance?

How do I pay it back?

What if I want to close my Airpoints Credit Card?

What if I am in a Shairpoints group?

How is the Shairpoints balance calculated?


Air NZ mobile app screenshot.

Person 1

  • has an ANZ credit card with a 200 Airpoints Dollars Advance.
  • has used 150.62 of their Airpoints Dollars Advance towards a flight booking, leaving them with 49.38 Airpoints Dollars available to spend.
  • is part of a Shairpoints account with Person 2.

Person 2

  • has a balance of 25 Airpoints Dollars, and no Airpoints Dollars Advance.

View your Airpoints account balance.

Person 1


-150.62    Airpoints Dollars Balance (negative balance is repayable to Air NZ)
200.00    Airpoints Dollars Advance
49.38    Available Airpoints Dollars

Person 2


25.00    Airpoints Dollars Balance
0.00    No Airpoints Dollars Advance
25.00    Available Airpoints Dollars 

Shairpoints Balance (Person 1 + Person 2)


(-150.62) + (25.00) = -125.62    (negative balance is repayable to Air NZ)

Shairpoints Available Balance (Person 1 + Person 2)


(49.38) + (25.00) = 74.38

Why are there two Airpoints Dollar balances, one listed as my personal Airpoints account and one listed under my Shairpoints account?

Can I choose to use Airpoints Flexipay rather than my Airpoints Dollars Advance?

My Airpoints Dollar balance on the Air NZ app looks different to my Airpoints Update email

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