Airpoints Dollars™ Advance

Airpoints Dollars Advance is like an overdraft.

Certain Airpoints™ credit card products offer this as a benefit, allowing you to access a few extra Airpoints Dollars in the short term if you don't have quite enough for a reward.

Frequently asked questions

If you are the primary cardholder or nominated earner for a qualifying Airpoints credit card, you will have access to an Airpoints Dollar Advance. You can check our Airpoints Credit Card Comparison table or contact your Airpoints credit card provider directly to find out whether your card gives you access to an Airpoints Dollars Advance.

When you make a purchase you will use your earned Airpoints Dollars first - that is, Airpoints Dollars you have earned through flying, credit cards, or with our Airpoints partners. If the purchase you make requires more than your earned Airpoints Dollars balance, you will start to dip into your Airpoints Dollars Advance and your balance on your account will show as a negative value. If you only use some of the Advance, then you will see the remaining balance that is available to you. You can check the status of your account at any time by logging into your Airpoints account or via the Air New Zealand mobile app.

Helpful hint: If you login to your Airpoints account you can see a full view of your balance, and how your balance is made up of earned Airpoints Dollars and Airpoints Dollar Advance funds. This is best viewed on a desktop computer.

This is the balance you have available to spend including funds from your Airpoints Dollars Advance.

We are unable to remove the Advance facility from your credit card as this is part of the credit card offering, so if you do not wish to use the Advance you will need to ensure you have enough earned Airpoints Dollars in your account before you purchase a reward. You can check your balance any time using the Air New Zealand mobile app or by logging in to your online account.

Even if you are the primary cardholder or nominated earner of multiple Airpoints credit cards that offer an Advance facility, you can only have access to one Advance. The value of your Advance will be for whichever card has the highest Airpoints Dollars Advance limit.

If you dip into your Airpoints Dollars Advance and have a negative balance, you will need to earn back the Advance amount you spent within the following 12 months. You can do this by earning Airpoints Dollars with your Airpoints credit card, through flights, by spending with Airpoints Partners, or when you shop online through the Airpoints Mall. Any Airpoints Dollars you earn will go towards paying back the Advance before topping up your balance. If you don't manage to repay the amount within 12 months, we may take legal action to recover the monetary value of any Airpoints Dollars deficit.

If you choose to close your Airpoints Credit Card, you can do so directly with your bank or American Express. If you have used your Airpoints Dollars Advance and you have a negative balance, you can earn back the outstanding balance over time by earning Airpoints Dollars through flights or by spending with Airpoints Partners. Any Airpoints Dollars that you earn will go towards paying back the balance. If you decide to close your Airpoints account, you will be asked to repay the full amount before your account can be closed.

Each member of a Shairpoints group is responsible for their own personal balance. If you are part of a Shairpoints group and your personal Airpoints Dollar balance goes into negative from the use of your personal Airpoints Dollars Advance, you will need to repay the Advance amount spent, even if the Shairpoints group collectively has a positive balance, or another member of the Shairpoints group used your Advance.

If a member of your Shairpoints group has a credit card with an Airpoints Dollars Advance, you are not liable for repaying that Airpoints Dollars Advance, even if the group's Airpoints Dollar balance is negative. The responsibility for any use of an Airpoints Dollars Advance lies with the owner(s) of any Airpoints Dollars Advance facilities.

All the Shairpoints member balances are added together, both positive and negative, to give the total balance available to all Shairpoints members in the group. Only the 'Enabler' and the 'Spenders' are able to spend Airpoints Dollars in the Shairpoints account.


Air NZ mobile app screenshot.

Person 1

  • has an ANZ credit card with a 200 Airpoints Dollars Advance.
  • has used 150.62 of their Airpoints Dollars Advance towards a flight booking, leaving them with 49.38 Airpoints Dollars available to spend.
  • is part of a Shairpoints account with Person 2.

Person 2

  • has a balance of 25 Airpoints Dollars, and no Airpoints Dollars Advance.

View your Airpoints account balance.

Person 1

-150.62    Airpoints Dollars Balance (negative balance is repayable to Air NZ)
200.00    Airpoints Dollars Advance
49.38    Available Airpoints Dollars

Person 2

25.00    Airpoints Dollars Balance
0.00    No Airpoints Dollars Advance
25.00    Available Airpoints Dollars 

Shairpoints Balance (Person 1 + Person 2)

(-150.62) + (25.00) = -125.62    (negative balance is repayable to Air NZ)

Shairpoints Available Balance (Person 1 + Person 2)

(49.38) + (25.00) = 74.38

When you are part of a Shairpoints group, your Airpoints Dollars Advance balance is available to be used by the ‘Enabler’ or 'Spenders' of your Shairpoints group. If other Spenders in your Shairpoints group use your Airpoints Dollars Advance funds, you are responsible for ensuring this is repaid by earning more Airpoints Dollars through any of the normal ways - flying, credit cards, or with our Airpoints partners.

Helpful hint: If you login to your Airpoints account, you can see the full view of your balance and how your balance and Shairpoints balance is made up of earned Airpoints Dollars, Airpoints Dollars Advance and other Shairpoints group members’ balances. This is best viewed on a desktop computer.

If you do not have enough Airpoints Dollars to cover the full cost of a flight, you can choose to pay for your flight using a mix of Airpoints Dollars and cash with Airpoints Flexipay*. It is important that you check your Airpoints Dollar balance before booking your flight to ensure you are only spending the Airpoints Dollars you have earned.

* Eligibility criteria and service fee applies, for more information see:

We have updated the way we display your balance, to make it easier to understand how many Airpoints Dollars you have available to spend. If you have an Airpoints Dollars Advance, it is now easier to see how much of this you have used or have left available to spend. To see the new display, you will need to update your Air New Zealand mobile app through the App Store or Google Play Store. You will see the new display in your Airpoints Update email very soon.