Fast forward to rewards with Airpoints™ earning cards

Earn while you spend to reach your rewards fast.

What's your Airpoints™ dream? Whether it's a tropical holiday, a shopping trip or a special family visit, it could be closer than you think.

Using your Airpoints earning card for everyday spending is one of the fastest ways to earn rewards.

You can even shop once, earn twice on Airpoints Dollars™ when you use your card at our Airpoints partners.

Earn fast. Reward yourself faster.

How fast could you be earning?

Compare the earning power of different cards

Airpoints earning credit cards

See how our different card partners can help you earn Airpoints Dollars the way you want.

Or see all the cards side-by-side with our handy comparison table.

American Express
Westpac debit card.

Airpoints earning debit cards

Not sure about spending on credit cards? Try Westpac's Airpoints Debit Mastercard®. It works just like an EFTPOS card, so you can grow your Airpoints Dollars by spending from your own account.

Earn Airpoints Dollars with a prepaid OneSmart™ card

OneSmart is the only prepaid multi-currency card that rewards you with Airpoints Dollars.

You can load it with funds in up to nine currencies, including NZ Dollars, and use it around the world as you travel. It's much safer than carrying cash, and you get to lock in the exchange rate before you leave home. You can even use it to shop online.

Even better, you grow your Airpoints Dollar balance with every dollar you spend overseas.

Manage your travel on the go

Shop once, earn twice

Earn twice with Airpoints earning cards.

Hungry for a double helping of Airpoints Dollars? Shop with our Airpoints partners.

Shop once, earn twice is the ultimate Airpoints Dollars pro tip. You earn once when pay with your Airpoints earning credit card, debit card or OneSmart card. You earn again when you scan your Airpoints membership card.