Fast forward to rewards with Airpoints™ earning cards

Did you know that Airpoints earning credit card holders earn on average 9x more Airpoints Dollars™ than non card holders?*

Whether it be a lunch, fuel or flights, you can earn Airpoints Dollars™ on every purchase you make.

With a range of card options and offers available to suit your spending, rewards are closer than you think.

Airpoints earning credit cards

See how our different card partners can help you earn Airpoints Dollars the way you want.

You can also work out how many Airpoints Dollars or Status Points you could earn with our handy Airpoints earning card calculator tool.

American Express

Earn Airpoints Dollars with a prepaid OneSmart™ card

OneSmart is an easy and secure way to manage your travel money - a prepaid multi-currency card that can be used anywhere around the world where Mastercard is accepted, and that's online, in-store and here at home too.

Set aside your budget and lock in daily exchange rates for any of the eight foreign currencies of your choice available before your trip and be in control of your spend at any time.

Even better, OneSmart's the only prepaid travel money card that earns you Airpoints Dollars on eligible purchases.

Airpoints earning debit cards

If you'd prefer a debit card for your everyday spending, try Westpac's Airpoints Debit Mastercard®.

Your Airpoints Dollar balance will grow before you know it, simply by spending from your account.

Shop once, earn twice

Spend once, earn twice Airpoints

Hungry for another helping of Airpoints Dollars? Shop with our Airpoints partners.

Shop once, earn twice is the ultimate Airpoints Dollars pro tip. You earn once when pay with your Airpoints earning credit card, debit card or OneSmart card. You earn again when you scan your Airpoints membership card.

More to like about Airpoints

Earn while you shop online

Earn while you shop online

Visit the Airpoints Mall to earn Airpoints Dollars when you shop at 100's of online stores, including The Iconic, ASOS, Ezibuy and more.
Boost your Airpoints Dollar balance

Boost your Airpoints Dollar balance

Scan your physical or digital Airpoints card at over 65 Airpoints partners, then pay with your Airpoints earning card to earn twice on eligible purchases.
Get there faster with Airpoints Flexipay

Get there faster with Airpoints Flexipay

Airpoints Flexipay is ideal if you want to book your next flight or make a purchase from the Airpoints Store now, but don't quite have enough Airpoints Dollars. With Airpoints Flexipay that's no problem, you can combine your Airpoints Dollars with cash, and away you go.