Go places with our best kept secret

Holidays are closer than you may think with our best kept Airpoints™ earning credit cards!

That's because on average, Airpoints earning credit card holders earn 8x more Airpoints Dollars™ than non card holders* And what's better than a holiday? A holiday earned quicker.

By using you're Airpoints earning credit card for your every day purchases^ - from food to fuel, flights to DIY - you can earn Airpoints Dollars faster. With a range of card options available and offers to suit your spending, your next holiday is just around the corner.

Airpoints earning credit cards

See how our different card partners can help you earn Airpoints Dollars the way you want.

You can also compare credit card benefits with our handy Airpoints™ credit card comparison table.

OneSmart card

Earn Airpoints Dollars with a prepaid OneSmart™ card

OneSmart is an easy and secure way to manage your travel money - a prepaid multi-currency card that can be used anywhere around the world where Mastercard is accepted, and that's online, in-store and here at home too.

Set aside your budget and lock in daily exchange rates for any of the eight foreign currencies of your choice available before your trip and be in control of your spend at any time.

Even better, OneSmart's the only prepaid travel money card that earns you Airpoints Dollars on eligible purchases.

Airpoints earning debit cards

If you'd prefer a debit card for your everyday spending, try Westpac's Airpoints Debit Mastercard®.

Your Airpoints Dollar balance will grow before you know it, simply by spending from your account.

Shop once, earn twice

Spend once, earn twice Airpoints

Hungry for another helping of Airpoints Dollars? Shop with our Airpoints partners.

Shop once, earn twice is the ultimate Airpoints Dollars pro tip. You earn once when you pay with your Airpoints earning credit card, debit card or OneSmart card. You earn again when you scan your Airpoints membership card.

Terms and conditions

* On average, Airpoints earning credit card holders earn 8x more Airpoints Dollars™ than non card holders. This compares Airpoints Dollars earned by Airpoints credit card holders vs. Airpoints Dollars earned by non-Airpoints credit card holders over 12 months ending December 2023.

Status point earn available on selected Airpoints earning credit cards only and earn rates vary. See Airpoints™ credit card comparison table for more information

^ Certain purchases are not eligible to earn Airpoints Dollars or Status Points. See Airpoints credit card comparison table for more information

OneSmart is an unsecured debt security issued by EML Payment Solutions Limited (8079483) (the "Issuer"). OneSmart is not guaranteed by any person. EML is solely responsible for the repayment of your OneSmart facility. View the Product Disclosure Statement for more detail. Information has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs and you should consider the appropriateness of the information about the OneSmart facility before making any decisions about whether to acquire or continue using the prepaid facility.

Mastercard® is a registered trademark and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

Exchange rates via Air NZ OneSmart will be set at the exchange rate set out on the website at the time of your request.

Lending criteria, terms, fees and conditions apply. See Airpoints™ credit card comparison table for more information

See the Airpoints terms and conditions for full programme details.

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