Benefits on Airpoints Dollars™ earning credit cards

Earning Airpoints Dollars™ on your everyday spend.

As well as earning Airpoints Dollars™ from your everyday spend, selected Airpoints™ earning credit cards have a range of additional benefits:


Status Points earning

(Offered on selected cards)

If you fly frequently, you'll appreciate the added benefit of earning Air New Zealand Status Points on selected Airpoints earning credit cards. Status Points allow you to upgrade and then maintain your tier at Silver, Gold or Elite within the Airpoints programme. When you upgrade your tier, you could be entitled to lounge and flight upgrade privileges, priority wait-listing, increased baggage allowances, and much more.

To be eligible for a tier status change or to maintain your Silver or Gold tier status, at least half of your Status Points need to be earned from taking qualifying Air New Zealand operated flights, Air New Zealand alliance flights and Star Alliance partner flights.

For Elite tier status, 810 Status Points need to be earned from taking qualifying Air New Zealand operated flights and Air New Zealand alliance flights.

Check out the benefits available to each tier.

Bonus Status Points earned on eligible flights

(ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum and ANZ Visa Business Airpoints only)

The Nominated Earner (normally the Primary Account Holder) of an ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum and/or ANZ Visa Business Airpoints can receive a 50% bonus of Status Points on top of Status Points earned on a Qualifying Flight taken on or after 20 February 2023. Qualifying Flights has the meaning set out in the Airpoints terms and conditions.

To be eligible, you must be a: 

  • Airpoints member and quote your Airpoints number (and if requested present your Airpoints Card) at the time of booking a qualifying flight^; and
  • Nominated Earner (normally the Primary Account Holder) of an ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum and/or ANZ Visa Business card account when you have completed your qualifying flight^. For example, if you close your ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum card before a qualifying flight^, no bonus Status Points are earned.

Bonus Status Points will automatically show as 'ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited Bonus' in the latest activity on your Airpoints account. Login to your account on the Air NZ app (see 'Airpoints' tab) or online (see 'Your balances') to see your latest activity. Bonus Status Points earned on qualifying flights^ will appear in your account after standard Status Points earned on qualifying flights^.

All bonus Status Points earned on qualifying flights^ count towards the total required Status Points to earn or retain tier status, and do not count towards the calculation of the required portion of Status Points that must be earned on Air New Zealand operated flights, qualifying partner airline flights, Star Alliance qualifying flights or Frequent Flyer Status Boost (Airpoints Gold and Elite only). Find out more about the Status Points required to move up and retain tier status.

Please note:

  • Irrespective of the number of ANZ Airpoints credit card accounts you have, the maximum amount ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum and/or ANZ Visa Business Airpoints cardholders can receive is a 50% bonus Status Points on top of Status Points earned on qualifying flights^.
  • The amount of bonus Status Points that can be received on qualifying flights^ may change at any time.

If you are missing bonus Status Points you are eligible to receive, let us know by filling in the 'Flights' section of the online claim form and we'll look into it for you.

Enhanced earn rate on Air New Zealand spend

(Offered on selected cards)

When you make a purchase through Air New Zealand, you'll earn at an even better rate. This includes all your flight bookings and other services offered through Air New Zealand like rental cars, hotels and campervans, purchased via and the Air New Zealand Contact Centre.

Non-expiry of Airpoints Dollars

(Offered on selected cards)

With selected Airpoints earning credit cards, your Airpoints Dollars will never expire as long as you hold a current card. This benefit is only available to Airpoints members who are the nominated earner (or primary cardholder) for the account while they remain the nominated earner (or primary cardholder). Any unexpired Airpoints Dollars you earned before you became an Airpoints credit cardholder also get included.

Airpoints Dollars will expire in accordance with the Airpoints terms and conditions when the cardholder ceases to be a cardholder and/or the nominated earner.

Airpoints Dollars top up

(Air New Zealand Airpoints credit cards, issued by Kiwibank, only)

Whether you're short of a couple of Airpoints Dollars for that holiday in the islands or need to top up your balance to buy a gift for someone special from the Airpoints™ store, you can purchase Airpoints Dollars, too. Just sign in to your Air New Zealand account, and click on 'My Balances'. Then click on the 'Top up' tab, enter the amount you need and your Airpoints credit card details. Your Airpoints Dollars balance will be topped up instantly.

There is a minimum $5 fee for purchasing Airpoints Dollars, and you must have enough available credit to purchase the requested top-up amount and to pay the fee. The fee is deducted automatically so you don't need to add it to the amount to be purchased. Purchases of Airpoints Dollars are non-refundable so double check your purchase before you confirm.

You can use Airpoints Dollars to pay for some flights operated by our Alliance Partners directly through the Air New Zealand website. Customers who purchase international fares using Airpoints Dollars will be required to pay in cash, the government and airport taxes and costs.

Please note that all fares that are purchased using Airpoints Dollars are not eligible for accrual of Airpoints Dollars and/or Status Points. This includes fares purchased using Airpoints Dollars that you have purchased on your Airpoints credit card.

Koru membership joining fee waiver and annual discount

(Offered on selected cards)

If you're not already a Koru member you won't pay the joining fee for an Individual Membership. This fee will not be refunded if it has already been paid to Air New Zealand. You'll also enjoy a reduced annual membership discount off the full standard individual 12 month rate for as long as you hold the card. This offer can only be used in conjunction with one year Koru memberships for individuals.

Join online.

Or call the Koru Call Centre on 0800 736 000. 

Complimentary Air New Zealand Lounge eVouchers

(On selected cards for existing eVoucher holders)

If you are an existing Air New Zealand Lounge eVoucher holder, you can use your lounge passes to access all domestic, regional and international Air New Zealand branded and operated lounges, other than the Koru Express facility in Christchurch. eVouchers cannot be used at the Auckland Airport International Lounge between the hours of 6.00am - 8.30am and 4.00pm - 7.00pm daily due to the limited space available. If you are travelling via another destination with an Air New Zealand Lounge as part of your journey, you may wish to consider using your eVouchers at that destination.

Passes can only be used on the day, and at the airport that your flight is departing from. You must be travelling on an Air New Zealand operated Flight or an eligible Alliance* flight (see the Airpoints terms and conditions). 

Before using any lounge eVouchers, check the expiry date by logging into the Air NZ app (see 'Airpoints' tab) or when you sign into your Airpoints account on the Air New Zealand website (see 'Your member benefits').

When you use one of your passes to access an Air New Zealand Lounge, you'll need to present your Airpoints credit card, boarding pass or your Airpoints membership card which will enable our system to automatically recognise you are entitled to access the lounge. Access to the lounge is subject to space being available at the time of visit.

You can use passes for yourself or use one for yourself and another to take one guest into the lounge with you. Your guest must accompany you while using the lounge. Even if you have Koru membership, or have lounge access through other means, these passes may come in handy for extra guests. Children 2 years and older require their own eVoucher.

As we work through the construction process of building bigger and better lounges across our network, there will be times where capacity is restricted to members only. This means that at peak periods in some ports, lounge access will not be available to Lounge eVoucher holders and/or member guests. These measures are only temporary and we thank you for your patience as we work through this programme.

Airport valet parking

(Westpac Airpoints™ World Mastercard® credit cards only)

Two complimentary Koru valet parking vouchers per annum will be available for each Airpoints™ World Mastercard® account. The eVouchers will be automatically loaded and stored in your Air New Zealand Airpoints online account, and are valid for a 12-month period.

In order to redeem your valet parking eVoucher at Auckland or Christchurch Airports, simply provide the valet team with your Airpoints number and state that you intend to redeem your eVoucher upon your arrival at reception. For valet parking at Wellington Airport, book online using our booking portal or manage your booking (on day of travel please phone if changes are required).

Each eVoucher entitles you to one day (24 hours) complimentary valet parking at Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington Airport. Additional services such as grooming and dry cleaning are available by arrangement by the valet staff at an additional cost.

Valet parking terms and conditions.

Complimentary domestic flight

(The American Express Airpoints Platinum Reserve Card only)

With this benefit, each membership year you will receive a complimentary direct domestic return flight with Air New Zealand.

Airpoints Dollars Advance

(Offered on selected credit cards)

An Airpoints Dollars Advance is like an overdraft. It allows you to access a few extra Airpoints Dollars if you don't have quite enough for a reward. This facility is provided to Airpoints members who have a qualifying Airpoints credit card and is available to the nominated earner or primary cardholder. An Airpoints Dollars Advance is free of charge and is an interest free facility.

If you have used Airpoints Dollars from your Airpoints Dollars Advance to book flights or redeem another Airpoints reward, any new Airpoints Dollars earned will be used to pay back the Airpoints Dollars Advance.

If you hold more than one Airpoints Dollars earning credit card, you're entitled to an Airpoints Dollars Advance for the card which has the higher Airpoints Dollars Advance limit.

Find out more about Airpoints Dollars Advance.

Extended Gifting

(Offered on selected cards)

With Extended Gifting you can use your Airpoints Dollars to gift rewards to two people outside your household each year. You can also gift as many other rewards as you want to people living at the same address as you (Extended Gifting excludes companion tickets).

Giftees may be nominated during the first 12-month period after opening the account, with these nominations automatically expiring at the end of that 12-month period. Giftees will need to be nominated or re-nominated in every 12-month period thereafter. This offer is not cumulative with any other gifting rights under the Airpoints programme (including gifting rights available to Gold or Elite Airpoints members).

Set up your Airpoints Gifting Register by signing in to your online Air New Zealand account.

For personal assistance in setting up your Airpoints Gifting Register phone 0800 737 000.

Air New Zealand Airpoints™ terms and conditions apply. Airpoints Dollars earning and redemption rates and Status Points earning rates are subject to change without notice. This information is intended for Airpoints members who reside in New Zealand.

1 Eligible purchases exclude purchases of Airpoints Dollars using Top-Up or Airpoints Advance facilities (if available as a benefit on your card), fees or interest, balance transfers, credit card repayment insurance, gambling chips, money orders, travellers cheques or foreign currencies in cash, cash advances or withdrawals made from an ATM or financial institutions (over the counter cash at a bank), any transaction that is reversed, refunded or charged back or other adjustments, 'Peer to Peer' transfers (between OneSmart Accounts), and any other purchases that are excluded by the terms and conditions of our financial product partners.

*An eligible Alliance Flight is a flight booked with an Air New Zealand flight number and operated by a qualifying partner airline.

^Qualifying flights has the meaning set out in the Air New Zealand Airpoints terms and conditions.