Flight disruptions due to cancellations or delays

We are committed to ensuring that you get to your destination on time and without further disruption to your travel plans.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are situations which may cause your flight to be cancelled or delayed.

We're sorry if flight changes are affecting your travel plans. This page sets out what you can do if your travel plans are being affected by a delay or cancellation.

Flight change? 

Review your flight options and make any changes to your booking online.

What about my other travel plans?

A change to your flight times can affect your other travel bookings. The earlier you can update them the better.

Connecting flights

If you have a connecting flight on the same ticket, we'll do our best to make things work. That may be switching to a different flight. Keep an eye on the Air NZ app.

If your connecting flight is on another airline and a different ticket, please contact the airline to see what they can do. 

Passenger Rights under the Civil Aviation Act 1990

If your NZ domestic flight has been cancelled or delayed, you may have further rights under the Civil Aviation Act 1990.

For more details on what rights you may have, please see our page on Passenger Rights under the Civil Aviation Act 1990.

Insurance, hotels, transport and activities

If a flight delay is impacting your arrival date or time, please update your travel extras.

If you booked with Air New Zealand, you can do it all online. Please see below.

If you've booked your travel extras through a travel agent, they can help.

If you booked your travel yourself, please contact the providers directly.

Tip: Keep hold of any receipts. They'll help if you need to claim insurance

What you can do now

We understand that changes to your flights can have a big impact on your travel. It can be frustrating, but we're here to help.

This checklist is a start. Use it to help stay in control, and to keep your travel plans on track.

Sorting out a new flight

  • If your flight is delayed, there may be alternative flights that could work better for you, depending on your fare type. You can check your options online.
  • If we've booked you on a different flight it will be the first available flight to get you to your destination as quickly as possible.
  • If the new flight works with your plans, please confirm your seat online. We'll email you a new flight itinerary and eTicket.
  • If the new flight doesn't suit, you can see your other options online and you may be able to switch to a different flight or request for a refund under any applicable criteria.
  • We'll re-book any connecting flights on the same ticketed journey.
  • If you requested a special meal and your new flight departs within 24 hours, please contact us. We'll try our best to get this on your new flight.
  • If you paid for a prepaid extra bag or seat select, it may not be available on your new flight. Check your new flight information. If you're no longer able to get an extra bag, or your selected seat, we can give you a refund for those services (and will provide a refund where this is required under any applicable law).

During your trip

  • Download the Air NZ app for notifications of any changes to your flights.
  • Is someone picking you up at your destination? Give them your flight number so they can check your arrival time.

After your trip 

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