We're making some changes to Airpoints™

We're embarking on a journey to create an even more rewarding travel experience for you. As part of this, we are making some important changes to the programme and these FAQs will help you understand more about what is changing and how it affects you.
Last updated 06 June 2024

We'll update this page regularly with everything you need to know.

Your new Airpoints experience

We're updating your online Airpoints experience for an improved way to view your Airpoints activity and benefits. In this section we've also outlined some other changes for you to be aware of. 

When is this change happening?

Why is this change happening?

Is the Airpoints programme changing?

How will I access my Airpoints account?

Will I still be able to view my Airpoints activity in the Air NZ app?

Can I still sign up to the Airpoints programme with a temporary card?

I have an Australian credit or charge card, what happens when I convert card rewards points?

Simplifying your annual tier review date

We are making some changes to the annual tier review dates to simplify the programme for Airpoints Elite, Gold and Silver members.

I am an Airpoints Elite, Gold or Silver member, how will my tier be affected?

What happens to my benefits on my tier end date?

What will happen to my Status Hold Parental benefit?

Will my Elite Partner membership be changing?

Kiwibank Airpoints Dollars Top Up

We are temporarily removing the functionality that lets you top up Airpoints Dollars online using a Kiwibank Airpoints earning credit card.

When will I be able to top-up my Airpoints Dollars balance online again?

Will I still be able to top up my Airpoints Dollars if the online functionality is temporarily unavailable?